Nov 13 - Ko Dam Khwan

Pos: N07deg57.324/E098deg48.725 We had a good day at Ko Pu yesterday. After walking the beach, we had fruit shakes at the Bodaeng Restaurant, meeting Dela, a Sea Gypsy, who was born and raised in Ko Pu. She spoke very good English, and told us she was a school teacher until the tsunami (2009), after which she returned to the island to teach the locals farming methods. She was delightful to talk to, and we recommend you stop here for very affordable food and drinks (fruit shakes - 30 baht). Walking further down the beach, we stopped at the Joy Bungalows Restaurant for a delicious lunch before returning to the boat. By late afternoon thunder was heard and the sky was darkening. Being on the SW corner of the island, we figured we were protected from the NE thunderstorms. Righto. Except, the storms all came from the SW, making for a very uncomfortable few hours as the lightening flashed, the thunder rumbled, and the rain poured down. Infini rode out the squalls with her typical aplomb, although having the dinghy hipped didn't help matters as we bucked in the small chop that came on the nose. After a few hours (about 0130 in the morning), conditions eased and we got a bit of rest. In the morning, we prepared the dinghy for towing, and sailed, yes, that's right...actually sailed....without the engine...for a few hours to Ko Dam Khwan (Chicken Island), where we anchored in 47 feet and feel better protected from SW winds than we were last night. The usual flotilla of longtail tourist boats are here, but we snorkeled to the beach (lots of fish), and enjoyed the late afternoon solitude when all the boats left. We ate New Zealand green lipped mussels for dinner (so very thankful for our freezer!) good can it get?
Pic: This squid boat was anchored nearby and is raising the anchor to go off fishing (at night, bright green lights are on the outriggers...kind of surreal) Upon going past us, the captain took pictures of Infini with his iPad!

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