March 5 - Fihaalhohi, S. Male Atoll

Pos: N03deg52.48min/ E073deg21.49min The anchor was raised this morning to make the outgoing tide, and we sailed across the channel separating Male from the easternmost atolls further south. Currents are strong, winds flukey. Resorts dot many of the larger islands, with separate abodes built out over the water. Pretty stuff. Many islands have cell towers and we're getting fairly good internet. My jobs today were fixing a broken hand-held remote windlass unit (broken wires in the waterproof plug end of it) as well as tearing into the watermaker boost pump (yet again) to get it going (the unit needs new brushes which, to the best of my attempts to purchase, are unavailable....apparently it's built to be a throw away - unbelievable and shame on Jabsco). Using the salon table as a work bench went well, but I was thankful the waters were smooth and the ride comfortable. We anchored in marl at 23' depth off a coral shelf. Intermittent light squalls dust us, but don't last long. Sunset was a nice one, even partially hidden by clouds.
Pic: Resorts lease whole islands and have 'boundaries' as to their territory. Finding good anchorages not too deep is a challenge.

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