Mar 13 - A walk around the island

We wanted to check out more of the town of Magoodhoo before departure, as well as stock up on veggies and such. Going by the boat building area, the guys were on mid-morning food break and we were soon invited to sit and eat. The dishes served were of tasty tuna, one a dry one and the other a curry. Hands, rather than utensils, are used here. The spices used are wonderful (we're always interested in learning about spices) and we left the table stuffed, again. We found out that there are two small stores on island which pretty much stay open all the time; other stores will open on request. Selection was limited, but a variety of veggies and other goods are available. Sameeh, our interpreter, caught up to us, and we continued our walk around the town, asking questions and learning about the goings on of the island. We stopped to see some women weaving lines from coconut husks; it's a task that takes practice. Another few women were weaving palm mats which are purchased by local resorts for roofing materials. We ended up at Ahmed's house, enjoying a sweetened watermelon drink along with breadfruit chips. We eventually said our goodbyes and have really enjoyed our stay here; we highly recommend this stop to other cruisers. We hope their experiences mirror ours and that they feel as enriched by their visit as we do.

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