Mar 19 - Jigging for squid

We ran the watermaker and Sue did a laundry this morning. We looked like a scow barge with underwear and sheets flapping in the wind. Seeing some squid under the boat, I rigged up my new squid lure, called Stuart, aka the 'cuttlemeister' and asked him the fine points of catching squid, seeing that he had hooked a few the day before. Instructions committed to memory, I went forward to the bowsprit, dropped the lure, jigged it a bit, and immediately hooked a 6" squid, perfect for cutting up for bait. Unfortunately, Sue wasn't thrilled when it shot ink over our newly laundered sheets, and that from its position just above the water. There was ink everywhere on the foredeck, I guess there's kind of a learning curve involved. I was banned from catching anymore squid, Sue ignoring my pleas as there were more squid just around us. I think she said something about no squid while the laundry's drying, but wasn't sure I heard her right....Well, at least there's one in the freezer. If they come a bit larger, they'll end up on the dinner plate.
Pic: Squeezing the ink to clean it.

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