Mar 20 - Veymandhoo, Kolhumadulu Atoll

Pos: N02deg11.346min/ E073deg05.408min. Departure was at 0730, but there was no wind. Stuart said I was an optimist for putting the mainsail up. We motored the 20 miles to Veymandhoo, hugging the reef and small islands to port, all the while dodging a few sandbars and rocks. This atoll is beautiful and the passage here was excellent in spite of the motoring. Once arrived, we looked at the narrow passage into the lagoon and I mentally compared it to the GE image we had. Unfortunately we didn't know the depths coming into the short, quite narrow pass. What to do? Stuart lowered his dinghy and we sounded out the pass and lagoon with a hand lead. Nice; plenty of water to make the entrance and find a place to anchor. The outside wpt for the pass is N02deg11.501min/E073deg05.445min; shallowest water I saw was 8' under the keel but there was a bit of side current. We dropped anchor in 20' sand and are eating lunch before exploring the small town.
Pic:In the lagoon looking back at the entrance to Veymandhoo anchorage. Happy we had good light.

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