Mar 24 - G.A. Kalamaafushi (Maagefuttaa)

Yesterday, four high school boys paddled out in strong winds in a 7' lapstrake dinghy to say hello and take pictures. Today, Stuart and I went by dinghy into town and had the good fortune to meet Modes and Ahmed at the dock. They acted as our guides and took us around this island of about 700 people. We went to the school to find our teenage friends, only to find out school was on holiday. We pretty much circumnavigated the island looking for that yellow lapstrake dinghy, finally found it, and eventually met the guys who had taken the time and trouble to paddle out to see us! Along the way we also met many of the townspeople, and enjoyed a coffee at one of the cafes. The hospitality of everyone was amazing, and we felt very welcomed here. Infini and Imagine are, we think, only the third and fourth yachts that have visited here this year; we are off the beaten track. It was wonderful to talk to the people, many of whom spoke very good English, and see their homes, share their food, and make new friends. We were invited out to go fishing but were doing other things at the time. The islanders build boats here and a 120' fiberglass fishing boat is under construction and almost ready for launch. After about two and a half hours, we returned with a few provisions, fruits and veggies; fuel is also available here. Another highly recommended stop for our fellow cruisers. Btw, it's also nice to be able to see your anchor in crystal clear water 20' down, as well as see the family of squid hanging about!
Pic: A great anchorage until the wind shifts...we leave sooner than we'd like.

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