Dec 11 - Carriacou

Pos: N12deg27.379min / W061deg29.288min. We had a wonderful sail from St George's anchorage to Carriacou. There was a bit of motoring, but most of the time it was 18-25 knots of wind and we sailed with a single reef, staysail, and 1/2-3/4 jib. Plenty of rain squalls made it interesting, but no big deal. We stayed on one tack, the current pushed us west, as expected, then reversed and pushed us right to the mouth of Tyrell Bay. We gave Kick-em-Jenny, the active underwater volcano right on the rhumb line from St George's to here, a wide berth. Anchor up to anchor down was about 6-6.5 hours; doesn't get any better than that! Tyrell Bay is described in Chris Doyle's Windward Islands Waterway Guide as "an island with over a hundred rum shops and only one gas station." Hmmm. It's crowded here with lots of boats, but we found a place to anchor in 14' of water, stowed sails, and ate lunch. Watermaker news: the new boost pump for the watermaker works fine; unfortunately, the membranes are stuffed. We get no water flow at all with the pump on, so we've decided to forget it, conserve water, and buy water when necessary. The cost of purchasing two membranes is prohibitive, and we'd get one season out of them before, we suspect, the same thing would happen again. So, until plan B comes along, that's our current plan A; we're open to suggestions.

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Dave Leu said...

Sorry to hear about the membranes Bummer. We have made it back to the States but had to work our way through Customs and Immigration 4 times! Once, in Grenada, one in Miami and twice in Toronto (canadian and US) just the catch our connecting flights. yeach!

Dave and MM