Dec 5 - Update

We're still here in Prickly Bay, and will be awhile. Budget Marine thinks the pump I ordered will be here Thursday; we'll see. Meanwhile, yesterday, we went with Dave of sv Leu Cat and had our propane bottle filled at Henry's house. After, Dave was kind enough to chase around a bit, so we took him to get a Digicel phone SIM, then the bank. Our Digicel SIM card wouldn't work in our dongle, so even after tech support fooled around with it, we finally put it in the iPad and will just have to get along that way. This morning, we took the "Shademan bus" around to a bunch of different stops. It picks up from the local marinas, and then stops at a bakery, Island Water World, CK's, and St George's downtown, before returning to the marina; cost 15EC/pp/return. For dinner, Dave cooked delicious steaks on the grill aboard Leu Cat. Dave and Mary Margaret had a series of boat system mishaps during their trans-Atlantic crossing, so are now getting organized for repairs and will be going to Trinidad for the bulk of them. We reviewed our experiences and contacts as a good "heads-up" with them. MM and Sue made desserts to die for, and we all had a great time renewing our friendship that started many years ago in Cartagena! The weather's been a bit squally, with winds in the 15-22 range, but the holding's good here, so no worries.

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