Dec 9 - Update

We've been busy around here. Sue's been to a few yoga classes, I joined her for a Tai Chi class, and we played Grenada dominoes one morning as well. Dave, Mary Margaret and ourselves drove to Aquarium Beach where we went swimming, cooked hamburgers over an open fire, and met some locals. Aziz owns a fast food place near the campus of St. George University, and happily meets and greets many of the students. We shared a rum (or two) with him and agreed to eat at his restaurant the next day (today) for lunch. We met up Dave and MM again late this morning and made a quick stop into Budget Marine. Our boost pump had arrived; it's now installed, more on that later. We found Aziz's place (can't remember the name), as it's the one with dozens of flags around it on the main road to the university, just around the corner from the entrance. We enjoyed chicken and lamb shwarmas, a huge salad topped off with chicken, and yes, more rums cheerfully served by Aziz. To finish things off we had ice cream next door; none of us really needed that. Our plan is to leave here in the morning for the short run to the St George anchorage, and stage there for the run up to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou the next day. Dave and MM leave for the States Friday for a holiday visit, and will be taking Leu Cat to Trinidad upon their return. We'll look forward to catching up with them sometime and place up the island chain; good times. This is all part of the cruising life; seeing friends, making new friends, then leaving friends as everyone moves off in different directions, to possibly hook up again "down the line." Prickly Bay's been a convenient stop; nice folks, lots to do and see, and good holding.

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