Nov 30 - A busy day

A big day here. We checked in with Officialdom this morning. For cruisers following us, pre-register with SailClear; it makes things a lot easier when it comes to the paperwork of clearing-in. After, we ate breakfast, then went over to Budget Marine. With our new clearance paperwork from Customs, we were able to set up our VAT-free account, which saves 15% on any purchase. The first-choice pump I had picked out in the catalog had gone up about $180USD from the 2015 to the 2016 catalog...are you kidding me? I chose my next pump,much more reasonably priced; there were two at the Budget Marine in St Martin, so one will have to be shipped here. No problem; arrival is expected in 7-10 days. After a quick lunch aboard, we decided to go to St. George; it was quite an experience. The mini-buses cram more people in than you'd think possible; no one seems to care, the radio is blaring full volume, and the driver is hell-bent-for weather; don't get in his way. First stop was Scotia Bank, where there doesn't appear to be a limit on withdrawal amounts; then to Digicel, where we bought a data Sim (side note: still can't get the bloody thing to work...), then to several fabric stores, then to a barber for me to get a that time it was close to 3:30 and time to find a bus back to the marina. No problem; the ride back on the No. 1 bus was faster than the one going into town, and we were in the dinghy riding back to the boat in 30 minutes. At Prickly Bay Marina, we paid 5EC each for FW showers (remember, our watermaker isn't commissioned yet...), and are now sitting at happy hour enjoying the free internet and good company.
Pic: We took a local bus to St. George's (the capitol and BUSY city), and found a barber for Michael.

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