Dec 12 - Unexpected project day

Sue woke up and not so cheerfully informed me she couldn't pump the head (toilet, for you landlubbers.) Just the way I want to start my day. I checked the intake and outlet valves, checked connections, checked the joker valve...checked everything. I even put a new O-ring on the piston...didn't do anything, but made me feel better doing it. The toilet allowed water in for just a few strokes, but wouldn't discharge, so it seemed apparent there was an obstruction on the outlet side. I disconnected hoses to the seacock, snaked it, and everything fed fine. Ok then, let's go for the 3-way valve; that's the one that diverts waste into our holding tank or overboard. The valve worked fine and initial inspection failed to reveal a blockage. Hmmm...time to disconnect the other hose going to the vented loop. Finally. The hose was totally packed up with scale; After 8 years, it was time to replace that hose, which was done in short order. From start to finish took me over 6 hours; putting everything back and sanitizing took another 1.5 hours. Welcome to paradise...Later, after a swim and shower, we launched the dinghy and went into the Carriacou Marine dinghy dock to get our bearings. There's a small chandlery there next to the haul-out yard, which is affiliated with Island Water World, so parts can be ordered from other IWW outlets. We walked next door to the Slipway Restaurant for a beer, and admired the view. We estimate about 75 boats in the anchorage. On our return to Infini we stopped by to see Bob and Peggy of the Westsail 42 Adagio. We had first met them in Panama back in 2008! We then stopped by sv Galene (Richard and Rowena), who were flying their OCC burgee and are our immediate neighbors. We flew our SSCA and OCC burgees briefly; the high winds threatened to tear them apart, so a revision of our flag halyard hoist is probably in order. Sounds like a project for another day.

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