Sept 30 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 15

1200 (2200Z)
position- N16deg36min/W150deg27min
day 14 run - 127 nm
avg speed - 5.3 kn
wind - NNE-NNW 6-8 kn
The evening sail was slow, and this morning at 0715 we put up our reacher/drifter. This is a very large light weight sail used in very light winds, and it pulls Infini along at 3.5-5 knots, depending on the gusts we get. We'll motor if we have to, but we're all agreed to sail into Hilo, even though it appears it may take us an extra day or so due to a high pressure weather system just north of Hawaii causing light winds in our vicinity for a while. We're doing 2 hour shifts each; 2 hours on, then 4 hours off, just enough to get some good sleep.

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