Day 12 - We're in the home stretch

Date: 5-2-12
Time UTC: 0000
Lat/Long: S24deg16min/E153deg25min
Course: 270 T
Speed: 5.5 kn
Wind: SE 15-20
Seas: SE 6-8'
Cloud cover: 50%
Barometer: 1021
Sails: 2nd reef main
Day 11 miles: 134
Avg speed: 5.6 kn
Last night brought drizzle and E-ENE winds, necessitating many changes of course and adjustments (sounds like a familiar refrain...) But, the good news is that we're abeam of the Sandy Cape light (our position is S24deg20min/E153deg10min) and have about 48 nm to the marina! If the wind holds, we should be there around 10-11PM local Aus time. We both need a good night's sleep, and expect to see Officialdom tomorrow morning. More later.

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