May 16 - The new backstay is installed

After recutting and reattaching five of our Hayn Hi-Mod terminals, the sixth screwed on for the dry run recommended by Hayn, then galled on the way off. I couldn't budge it...I went to one of the many shops here in the Abel Point Marina complex to find a vise to use. Lugging the entire backstay on our luggage carrier, one of the local shiprights was kind enough to lend a hand, but even with a pipe extension and large crescent wrench, the terminal wouldn't move. We were truly stuck. The only good news was that he recommended a local rigger to me, who came over from his shop to discuss our problem. He took the stay to his shop, but couldn't budge it either, so it was crunch time. I opted for new 316SS wire as ours was nine years old 302/304 wire, and found a spare new 3/8" Hayn compression eye in our spare parts kit. Yesterday afternoon, Sue and I spent hours cleaning off the old 5200 I had used in the terminals, as the Hayn fittings are reusable if the enclosed cone and crown ring are in good shape. This morning the rigger, Andrew of Whitsunday Rigging, picked me up in his truck to go to his shop, we cut the new SS wire and I installed all the Hayn fittings, sans 5200 but with Loctite. We returned to the boat, fitted the backstay, tuned the rigging, and we're ready to go. What a relief. Meanwhile, we've contacted Coursemaster Autopilot (made here in Australia) as our autopilot just doesn't work well. We were directed to one of the local electrical repair gurus here, and he's scheduled to come to the boat tomorrow to see if he can help out. We're planning departure from the marina pretty soon, so we'll see how that repair goes.... Pic: We walked past this flock of wild cockatoos near the marina.

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