May 6 Passage summary (Opua, NZ to Bundaberg, Aus)

Total nm: 1560
Average speed: 5.7 kn
Total time (anchor up to anchor down): 11.5 days
Frontal boundaries encountered: 2
Highest recorded wind speed: 31.5 knots
Highest wave height: 12'
Engine hours: 28
Fish caught: 0
Discussion: Our avid readers know that I count "Total Time" inclusive of when we up anchor and motor out to where we can shut off the engine, to anchor down; thereby inclusive, in this case, of motoring up the Burnett River, at night, and circling around until we found a spot to anchor in the quarantine area. In other words, you could easily knock off 4-6 hours of motoring time for the "Total time" value. Overall, it was a pretty good passage, with the exception of a few hours here and there, mostly encountered after passing thru those frontal boundaries. Staying N-NE of those fronts definitely enabled us to encounter less strong winds and waves, and I think our route and strategy were good ones. Team Infini arrived with very little passage related "to do" items, no major problems, and in good spirits. What more could we ask for?!
PIC: We were excited to see our first kangaroos on a morning walk near the marina. They were watching us; they're bigger than I imagined!

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