May 11 - Abel Point Marina

Position: S20deg16.0min/E148deg42.5min We departed Shaw Island at 0630 and had a fantastic run up to APM. Winds were 20-30 knots behind us, and our boat speed was 6-7 knots with just the full jib out. Unfortunately, we discovered a shredded backstay wire on boat washdown inspection here, so it's a good thing we had decided to take a marina berth for one night - it looks like that may have to be extended! Of course, it's a really good thing we didn't lose the mast! We do rigging checks twice daily, so this was definitely something new and unwanted. This Monday we'll have a rigger down and determine where we can get SS wire, etc. Airlie Beach is a big center for tourism in the Whistsunday Islands, and there are tour boats, charter fleets, hotels, shops etc. Our Telstra dongle works great for internet, but this will be an expensive stay on the way "up and over." Btw, diesel here at APM is $1.78/liter.

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