May 6 - Mysteries solved

Further investigation of our "radio problem" revealed the following: the VHF aerial on the masthead had broken/blown off! Small wonder we weren't able to hear Marine Rescue Bundaberg! After replacing it with our new, spare Shakespeare VHF antenna, I called MR Bundaberg and they heard me loud and clear. Allright! Meanwhile, after extensive investigation, it turned out that one of our solid state, SS water tank sensors had gone out. They're WEMA brand, and, fortunately, I had a spare of the exact length which solved that problem. All right...we're on a roll....Another example, if room is available, that you can't carry too many spares. We're planning departure tomorrow (Mon), and the weather looks pretty benign due to a high pressure system that's sitting south of us. I suspect we'll end up motoring part of the time! But...with 2000 nm to get to Darwin, we have to take advantage of all weather conditions. We'll miss the hot showers here at the marina (unlimited hot water showers - free!) as well as good provisioning opportunities, but we're ready to head out, four days after arrival!
Pic: Flat open fields around the marina; miles and miles of sugar cane fields.

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