June 15 - Portland Roads to Shelburne Bay

Portland Roads feels like the end of the line. We were told there are 10 full time inhabitants year round, and supplies can be obtained at the Lockhart River. There is slow internet, but we were unable to get it. We did, however, enjoy a delicious home cooked meal at the only restaurant in town, the Out of the Blue Cafe, which serves 6 days a week. Clientele is mostly yachties or adventuresome campers. The SE trades have returned at 20-25 knots; no more motoring, yea! We had a fast sail from PR to SB in strong winds, and anchored in 7' of sand around the corner from Round Point. From here (Cape Grenville), we have a long 65 nm passage to the Escape River, so we'll be departing quite early (0530 hours).
Picture: Enjoying lunch with fellow travelers.

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