June 6 - Lizard Island

Position: S14deg39.6min/E145deg27.0min We anchored at Lizard Island after motoring the 135nm from Yorkeys Knob in extremely light wind. Holding is sand and well protected from the prevailing SE trade winds. This morning we hiked to Cook's Lookout. At about 360m high, the track is rock, occasionally quite steep, and well marked. We met several other folks with bloodied legs and had to keep a sharp eye for slippery rocks and such but the view from the top of the ridge was spectacular. At the summit was where Captain Cook looked out at the Great Barrier Reef seeking an escape route thru the reef for his ship Endeavour. A large cairn has been erected at the summit and there is a brass sundial also nearby. We signed our names in a visitors book which is in an airtight container in a wooden box at the base of the cairn and noted that visitors from all over the world had also signed it. Going back down, I spotted a 5-6 foot monitor lizard which quickly scampered off into the underbrush. In Captain Cook's time, the monitor lizards were so numerous that he named this island after them. We returned to the beach a bit tired, but without blood or broken limbs, and got back to Infini for a late lunch. In the late afternoon, we went to the beach and met many of the other crews of the 12 yachts anchored here. Most everyone is heading to Darwin for the Sail Indonesia Rally, so we expect to see these same folks again. The Lizard Island Resort is here on the island, and is renown as one of the Top 10 Resorts in the world. Prices are just a bit out of our league (ha!), but we understand there is a nearby worker's bar receptive to cruisers on Friday nights at regular prices, so we may visit and check it out. There's also a highly regarded Research Center based here that focuses on reef life. Lots to do and see around here.

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