June 1 - Yorkeys Knob

It's been unseasonally rainy in and around Cairns, but we've enjoyed our stay with Jon and Laura and have been so fortunate that they've been able to chauffeur us around to see many areas I'm sure we would not have seen had we done all this ourselves. Not only have we been able to go to many marine related shops for our "to do" list, but today we went to Rusty's Market, a well known Cairns weekend farmers market, and stocked up on fresh veggies and such before going to the Coles Supermarket for the rest of our provisioning supplies. Furthermore, we enjoyed the fine hospitality of a wonderful and gracious cook and raconteur, and we learned a lot about Cairns and the local political situation here. This has really been a restful stop for us, topped off by using the spa every night in our private en suite quarters, so the next 1250 nm to Darwin looks a bit less daunting for now! Again, for anyone following our path, check out www.cairnsrainforeststudios.com and consider a stopover; it's well worth your time!

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