June 27 - Team Infini is safely anchored in Fannie Bay, Darwin

Position: S12deg25.58min/E130deg49.03min We decided to leave Alcaro Bay yesterday afternoon after a few hours rest. The area was hazy and the anchorage rolly. We had the times and tides right for the Dundas Strait; we just didn't expect a southerly wind! Of course, it wasn't forecast, so we had to tack way over in the Van Diemen Gulf, and by the time we tacked back the tide had changed! We motored at 1-2 knots against the strong adverse current, and thought we'd never get anywhere. We finally made it back to our rhumb line (of sorts), and the wind had come up with just a bit of easterly in it, allowing us to sail; what a novelty! We actually did really well, and sailed all day until the last hour of the Beagle Channel when the winds died and we ended up motoring the last 30 nm to Darwin. We anchored at sunset in Fannie Bay! What a trip; more later....suffice it to say we're very happy to have the anchor down, not be motoring or hand steering, and we're ready to get on with other things in preparation for Sail Indonesia.
Picture: The anchorage is crowded. The sailing club is quite active, with all kinds of sailing lessons.

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