June 21 - Two Island Bay; Machinbar Island; Wessel Island Group

Position: S11deg04.43min/E136deg43.62min. We anchored early morning after a three day passage across the Carpenteria Gulf. Currents in the Carpenteria are strong and fickle. Max refused to be a working member of the team, necessitating Sue and I doing 2 hours on/2 hours off steering duty for the first two days. I can hardly blame him; with swells coming at us from 3 different directions and currents changing in seconds, you could hardly take your eye off the compass or a star for a moment before the boat headed off 40-50 degrees. No wonder he was so unhappy. During the third day, everything settled down and Max worked flawlessly; maybe weaker current? Who knows. We did the rhumb line here, but I'd guess currents are strong no matter the departure point or strategy. We'll have a few lay days here and plan the next leg of our passage to Darwin. All's well aboard; it's good to be anchored in this protected spot at Two Island Bay at Machinbar Island in the Wessel Island Group; another milestone reached.
Different rock formation here in the NT (Northern Territory)

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