June 29 - Trip Summary - Bundaberg to Darwin

For predeparture planning, we estimated 2000 nm for total milage; our actual mileage traveled was 1988 nm by ship's log. This was an eventful series of short and longer hops and one that, in total, we'd do again, wishing we had more time to spend in many of the areas we hurried thru during our seven week trip. Overall, we really enjoyed the diversity of the coastal areas, the isolation, the few populated towns we stopped in to visit, the history, and the daily navigational challenges we encountered. Just this one NE section of the Australian coast is so beautiful; the length of the entire coastline is beyond immediate thought. By comparison, if one were to travel the eastern and western coastlines of the USA, it's approximately 2400 nm; so it's as if we (just about) traveled both coasts of the USA in seven weeks.... For those following in our path, a strong boat and its components are mandatory. Opportunities to purchase boat parts and supplies, as well as obtain repairs, become few in these more remote areas. Shipping parts is possible but very expensive and time consuming; carrying extra spares aboard is a worthwhile consideration. Be prepared for strong currents and leave enough time to wait for an appropriate weather window. Although this is the dry season and winds are predictably from the SE, we encountered winds from S thru E, with an occasional morning NW breeze as well. Using the reaching/spinnaker pole is necessary many days as the wind goes aft of 150 degrees. Days are short this time of year and there are many reefs to avoid, so reaching anchorages during daylight, and having alternative choices available, is necessary. This has been a wonderful leg in Infini's travels, and we look forward to more adventures!
Picture of Infini sailing off Morris Island courtesy of sv Sea Dragon

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Like'd that you and your husband enjoy'd traveling through san blas,,and,,got to see ailigandi,,i am one of 5 adopt'd children,of the late,dr.daniel gruver.my mother jane ,still goes back every year.she makes sure the feeding centers are still running.and buys molas .