Oct 15 - We're back aboard!

Stuart & Sheila picked us up at the airport and after a quick run to the Big C grocery store, we returned to the marina. Their boat had just been launched late afternoon on the 14th and they hadn't even organized, but were kind enough to come get us and run around a bit. It was wonderful getting back to Infini, and all systems appear to be working properly. We had kept the refrigerator on, along with the solar panels for charging, and the fridge temp and house battery voltage were spot on. We barely had time to unpack when Mike & Juanita (sv Keris), Fred & Cha Cha (sv Manufactum), Stuart & Sheila (sv Imagine) and ourselves went out to Krabi town to an Italian restaurant for supper. It was good food and company, and an enjoyable way to catch up with friends.
Pic: a snake visit in the empty slip next to us. We believe it's of the Krait species.

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