Oct 31 - Ko Lanta

We're batting 1.000 in the dinghy outboard game. This time the Yamaha crapped out. After taking apart and cleaning the carb, changing the spark plugs, and generally giving it lots of TLC, it still won't start. Latest thought: it's got to be bad fuel. Unfortunately, I sold my last and latest, freshest batch of gasoline to a friend, so we'll have to track some down in town; shouldn't be a problem. This afternoon brought some impressive thundershowers, which cooled off the area. It's like a steam box around here; do 5 minutes of work and you're sweating, a lot. We both hurried out in the driving rain and took cooling showers...nice. By late afternoon, we hatched a plan to flag down one of the long-tail water taxis. They usually are running workers from a nearby island back and forth to here, or tourists elsewhere. We just wanted to go into town to pick up our laundry (35 bahts/kg) and eat dinner. The driver maneuvered his boat beautifully within inches of us, and we stepped on for the 2 minute ride to the town pier. The Fresh Restaurant had a nice selection, and we got back to the pier where our water taxi guy was waiting. We had no idea what the cost of his service was, so we paid 20 bahts/per person each way (note: language barrier...); a bargain by any measure. We got back at 6:15PM in time for a beautiful sunset. Another day gone by.
Pic: Our neighbor Rawi warin Grand I, in front of Old Town, Ko Lanta

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