Oct 25 - Ko Roi

Position: N08deg11.533/E098deg36.624 Our anchorage last evening at Ko Kuda Yai was between two cliffs in 25' of thick heavy gray mud. At dusk we watched the fruit bats take off for the mainland. We needed binoculars as they were soaring high over the ridges and couldn't be seen by naked eye. This morning, we motored the 1.5 nm to Ko Roi and are, so far, the only boat here. There's a beautiful beach to land at, and we hiked into a large hong where we disturbed a colony of flying foxes (giant bats). What a raucous noise they made as they flitted around the mangroves. It's 1200 noon here and already the thunderheads are forming and there's lots of thunder; looks like another one of those nights...We're anchored on the west side of the high cliff walls of the island, so hope for good protection from the prevailing NE cells that go by.
Pic: One of the many trees with flying foxes; we're glad we had our big sun hats on!

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