Oct 21 - Drunken Water Bay

Pos: N08deg00.463/E098deg50.913 We started the day by motoring to Rai Le Beach. This is rock climber nirvana, and is only accessible by boat. Hence, it's pretty expensive. We did spot a few climbers on the cliff faces, which soar majestically vertical from our perspective. It was pretty rolly with lots of longtail traffic, so we went around the corner to Drunken Water Bay (Laem Nang). Isn't that a great name? It has nothing to do with alcohol, and everything to do with the motion of the boat! We be rolling, mon! In spite of that, it's a pretty place surrounded by rock walls and expensive resorts, and we did manage to accomplish a significant piece of work - the water maker is now back in service, and it certainly felt good to shower with FW again. The rain came in the afternoon and it's been cloudy and lumpy ever since. Sue reminded me, "It's not as bad as Pitcairn...." Yah, there, we rolled gunwale to gunwale, but here it's a bit better and just something you tolerate.

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