July 11 - Update

We've spent the last few days getting organized. First off, we have a large rental unit for all our "stuff." Finding anything has been...challenging. We're not planning on putting anything back aboard until we're cleaned up, which will take place after launch. Launch has to be scheduled for a high tide; bottom paint is applied after applying an epoxy barrier coat...everything has a different time frame for application; it's like a long symphony with many different pieces and parts for the players...everything needs to be scheduled, a fudge factor for weather has to be applied, then you hope for the best during the week's worth of work. Prior to all this, the workers have been busy sanding the bottom in preparation. Aboard, other workers rebedded the starboard stanchions which were leaking and finished a few minor woodworking jobs down below that awaited our return. From our "to-do" list, I stayed busy removing the old Coursemaster autopilot and installing the new Simrad unit (testing and commissioning later). Check. A new larger Dynaplate (a grounding plate for lightening protection and better radio propagation) was then installed. Check. The wiring to the dual directional windlass solenoid was sorted out (check); our newly regalvanized anchor and chain will be delivered tomorrow. Our Tohatsu outboard engine has been stored at the shop while we've been gone, and when I stopped by to drop off a new water pump impeller, found out that the factory is sending out impellers that don't fit their engines! The mechanic has several outboards with wrong sized impellers; doesn't say much for quality control from Tohatsu. Just another thing to sort out. (Don't know if that's considered a "check"...) We've also had to go grocery shopping as well as pick up the Interprotect epoxy barrier coat and Chugoku bottom paint (that's a check); fortunately we have a rental car/truck. There's a small truck bed without a pass-through, and a very narrow rear bench seat; we're not planning long trips....Our rental condo unit here in Boat Lagoon is working out splendid. Our friends Liz and Chris of sv Rumrunner II stopped by for a visit and stayover, and we also met our landlords, Andrew and Lillian, a delightful couple from Australia and Malaysia. We've been hanging out with them the last few evenings and have really enjoyed their company. They've traveled much of SE Asia, and have lots of good stories to share. We're back to the food stalls for lunch, and met up with Alene and Bruce (sv Migration) who happened to come down to Boat Lagoon on some errands. So, back to the cruising life. Lots of stuff happening; great food and friends, interesting new people to meet and enough logistical challenges and things to do to keep us occupied!
Pic: New friends Lillian & Andrew; Chris & Liz

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