July 15 - A busy day

We left early to get down to the main Immigration and Customs offices in Phuket Town (open at 08:30); we're still sorting out some visa issues. In Thailand, as in many other countries, one's personal visa and the boat visa are issued for different amounts of time, costs and expiration dates. Keeping track of things here is challenging, as arriving by boat vs arriving by airplane results in two different visa specifics. More on all this later. Back at the boatyard by 10:00, I guided the crew as to the preparation for application of the epoxy barrier coat. By midafternoon, Infini had her first coat of epoxy applied, the bottom is now gray, and we're scheduled for the next application of epoxy tomorrow morning. The cradle support pads have to be moved, something which necessitated a visit to the marina office to arrange, as the epoxy (and bottom paint later) has to be applied to those areas presently underneath the wood support pads, and they don't want contractors or yacht owners messing about with the supports (can't blame them!).

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