July 20 - We're in the slings and ready for launch

The bottom job is complete. Earlier, the travel-lift arrived to pick up the boat so the areas that she had been sitting on were able to be Interprotect epoxy primed and painted. For those interested, we used Chugoku ablative anti-foul paint, colors red-black-red. The sharp eyed-reader will have noticed that the bottom paint went on with only a 1" strip of 3M blue tape on the boot stripe to paint to. No bottom paint touched the white paint, no doubt due to the care the crew took using the 3" rollers. It's always exciting to be ready to go back in the water. Infini is really looking good. The deck and hull need a good washdown, and the interior needs a good clean-up, but overall, we're quite pleased. Monday is a Buddhist holiday here and the boatyard is closed, so splash is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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