July 30 - All the little things add up

We've spent the last few days doing a bunch of little stuff that was on our "to do" list. The storage locker has been emptied - yea! My mate Chris (Rumrunner II) helped me load the Yamaha 15, the Sailomat vane, and a large bag of spare lines (like about 40 pounds of spare lines....) into the bed of his rented mini pickup. After dropping off the Yamaha to the shop and picking up the Tohatsus 9.8, we then transferred everything to a dock cart and took it down the ramp and dock to Infini. I should mention that there are a lot of workers and two jackhammers presently breaking up the concrete right in front of our dock. The noise all day is terrible, and walking around and thru the rubble isn't much fun. At any rate, we hooked up the block and tackle for the outboard and it now sits on its rail mount. The vane is sitting on the side deck, as we'll have to launch the dinghy to mount it on the stern. The spare lines joined two other (smaller) spare line bags in the cockpit (temporarily). What else....the loose lazarette lid support studs were re-bedded and everything was placed back in the lazarette. Our spare set of oars was dropped off so the grips could be shaped to fit our hands; the oars are a larger diameter than our present ones and had never been worked on. The liner for one of our salon cabinets was reinstalled, as was the V-berth overhead as well. The 3/4" saltwater intake hose for the water maker and sink was rerouted to accommodate a better angle. Two broken stainless screws were drilled out (what fun...) and a ventilation plate attached properly. A new anchor snubber was made (remember all that spare line I carry?...) And lastly, today we installed one of our two new line clutches, this one on the mast for the jib halyard as its winch is not self-tailing. We've also gone swimming in the hotel pool the other day (nice)...and have had happy hours and dinners with Chris & Liz (Rumrunner II). You can still find us eating lunch at the food stalls.
Pic: The obstacle course to our dock.

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