July 23 - Splash, no problems

The rain came down hard all night but finally let up about 0730 and the travel lift picked us up at 0800. Sue & I were aboard and took the ride to the slipway where Infini was gently lowered into the water. All systems checked out, the motor starting battery did its thing after not being used for over 6 months, and we motored to our slip and were secured by 0840. Two of the work crew are on the deck doing a wash down, so we're taking a bit of time off and eating a late breakfast. Another milestone reached: haul out was January 14th and it's always good to be back in the water with no drama. We're giving thanks. Pictures: Above: we're aboard as the travel lift slowly goes to the slip way; we're about half way there. Below: Infini at her slip at Boat Lagoon Marina.

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