July 22 - We're in cleaning mode

The vacuum's out; also lots of rags and water; every cabinet and bin is getting a going over. We've pulled out stuff I haven't seen in years; we even threw some of it away! We haven't even begun to unload the storage area; that should begin in a few days. Tomorrow morning is launch, but the rain is coming down hard and monsoon weather is predicted, so we hope there's enough slack in the rain and wind to allow us a weather window for the travel lift to get us in the water, after which we'll motor a few minutes into a slip. As to more mundane stuff, we switched cars to a Toyota Yaris, one we find a lot more responsive to our needs. We also went back to Jungcelon Mall in Patong where I gave back my S4 phone and got an S3 instead; wasn't impressed with the S4 at all. We continue to eat and enjoy lunch at the local food stalls here at Boat Lagoon where both of us eat for about $3USD; good stuff.

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