July 25 - Unpacking and sorting

We've made great progress with stuff in our storage area. Each item is checked and cleaned before being put away. There's been a little bit of a musty smell in a few things, but not bad after 6 months. Tuesday saw the completion of our boat survey. Every 5-6 years most marine insurance companies require an out of the water survey, and we were due as a routine matter for reinsurance with our new company, Topsail Insurance. The cushions are now back aboard with their new slip covers (upholstery by Mr. Pey), and the cabin looks bright and cheerful with the new varnish and fabrics. Our friends Bruce & Alene (sv Migration) stopped by Tuesday afternoon for a visit; after an enjoyable dinner at Chili's (a local place here, not the restaurant chain in the USA), Sue & Alene went to yoga after. This afternoon we went for a massage here at the Waree Spa on campus. A one hour oil massage was 500 baht (about $16USD); our bodies really needed it after all the lifting and work we've been doing. I figure another 3-4 carloads (think Toyota Yaris) of stuff from storage and we'll have it all back aboard.
Pic: We're in the rainy season, and glad to have the condo unit for another week!

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