Comptroller Bay, Nuku Hiva, Aug. 30

S08deg.52.8 / W140deg.02.7
We motored (after trying to motorsail) the 12 miles to windward to get to Comptroller Bay, where we anchored in the middle 'finger'- Hakahaa Bay; the closest to the village of Taipivai. The weather was overcast and rainy, but the beauty of the valley was not lost. We walked the 'horseshoe loop around the valley from one side of the bay, across the river, to the other side where we visited Bernard, a local artist who carves bone and shell. His wife makes jewelry out of the local seeds. We chose not to do extensive hiking to find the area Herman Melville hid out back in the 1840's, as Matt is recuperating from a sore ankle and 'nono' bites from our last walk. It still amazes me that one or two people out of a big group will get targeted for the kisses of the insect world. He inherits Michael's sensitivities for that. We spent one night before returning to Taiohae to join our friends on Soggy Paws again, and to do the last of our provisioning and get the last internet fix before Hawaii.
The picture is of Matt in his favorite spot on Infini.

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