Sun. Sept. 19 - Day 4 Enroute to Hawaii

Position: S02deg28min/W140deg57min
Day 3 run: 122 nm.
Avg speed 5.1 knots
Wind E 10 knots; seas E 4'-6'
Winds have definitely moderated, as well as swung further aft of the beam. We've had a hell of a time trying to get the wind vane to steer the boat, to release us from what I call "the tyranny of steering." We're still tweaking it and using various sail combinations, but hey, it's only another 1583 nm to Hilo....All in all, the weather has been beautiful; there's a slight coolness to the breeze, but the sun's shining and we expect to cross the equator tomorrow. All's well aboard. Our 3 person watch schedule is working out fine, and we all seem to be getting plenty of rest. The fishing lure's out, but we still haven't caught fish #2!

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