Sept 29 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 14

1200 (2200Z)
position - N15deg18min/W148deg47min
day 13 run - 132 nm
avg speed - 5.5 kn
course 305T
wind 10 NNE 10 knots
We had a slow night in gradually diminishing winds. Max and I had a battle of wills this morning. He felt I should do the steering, and I kept reminding him that was what he was paid to do as a bonafide member of the crew. His reply was that he just wanted the company, and felt better about things when I was hovering nearby, adding course corrections and tweaking lines. He had a complete change of attitude when I tightened up a shackle pin that had about fallen out (it wasn't wire tied...since corrected) which secures the steering lines to the shoulder of the vane, and voila, Max felt much better about everything. Winds are forecast to be 10-15 over the next few days, but we've long ago learned to heed what we get, not necessarily what the gribs or forecast calls for, although it's nice to know nothing serious wx wise is brewing.

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