Mon Sept 21 - Day 6 Enroute to Hawaii

Day 5 run - 145 nm
Avg speed - 6.0 kn
Wind SE 13-15; it's on our starboard quarter right now
We passed into the northern hemisphere at 1528 (3:28pm) yesterday. Matt became a Shellback, and we had a small party and ceremony commemorating the event. He also received a signed and sealed certificate as well as a wallet card designating him as a Shellback! Of course, we took lots of pictures, and Matt made a video as well. Last night was another beautiful night of sailing, and today is sunny and breezy. It looks like we may get decent enough wind (8-9 knots is the present prediction) to sail right thru the ITCZ; we'll see in the next couple of days. What a blessing that would be. There are four boats checking in or emailing one another during this passage. One of them is a large, luxury Oyster sailing yacht; it's been having no wind and lots of rain as it motors on thru the ITCZ; we're hoping to avoid most of that scenario, but it's just a bit too early in the game to predict.

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