Sept. 24 - Day 9 Enroute to Hawaii

1200 position - N07deg45min/W142deg04min
Day 8 run - 132 nm
avg speed - 5.5 kn
wind yesterday during the day and evening - South @ 15 kn; about an hour ago it shifted to SW @ 12-15
There was 100% cloud cover last night with a light drizzle. Right now it's bright, but not sunny. There's a 100% high cloud cover but no rain. We just gybed over to port tack and our course is 345T. Earlier, I had to go up the forestay to change out a chafed bowline knot on the jib sheet, which occurred when the pole topping lift strop gave way, hitting the bowline. Yesterday I went about a third of the way up the inner forestay to retrieve the errant pole lift halyard. When said strop let go, the halyard proceeded to wrap itself around the headstay, jib, and inner forestay, as well as jammed the Profurl at the top swivel, so immediate attention was needed. We were thankful it was still daylight. Sue took some pictures and videos of the maneuvers; we'll try to post them on the blog when we get internet in Hawaii. About 1045 nm to go to Hilo.

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