Sept 26 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 11

1200 position - N10deg59.7min/W143deg29.8min
Day 10 run - 117 nm
course - 300T
speed - 4.5-5 kn
wind - NE 10-12
seas - 6'
Last night was a mixed bag. The wind died completely and we motored 9 hours in a frustrating swell, slatting around listening to the injection pump surging, hoping the engine wouldn't quit, in constant drizzle. Are we having fun yet? Finally, the wind came up in the early morning hours, and we've had a nice NE wind at 10-15 knots, allowing us to point, more or less, towards Hilo. We're still not quite out of the ITCZ, which we expect to be later tonight so we can see stars and clouds more easily. So far, it's been 100% cloud cover, and we've used the radar to look for and follow rain squalls. Right now we've actually got a bit of bright haze showing, and the crew celebrated by taking salt water bucket showers (followed by a sunshower fresh water rinse) on deck. Max is doing a good job, and all's well aboard.

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