Sat Sept 25 - Day 10 Enroute to Hawaii

1200 (2200Z) position - N09deg25min/W142deg33min
day 9 run - 108 nm
course - 335T
wind - NNE 14 kn; we've seen 20 in some higher gusts
speed - 5.5 kn
We're still in the ITCZ. It's been 100% overcast and drizzling most of the night and early morning. We finally found a NNE breeze last night after motoring for 6 hours in 5-6 knots of wind and confused seas, and were able to shut the engine and return to sailing. At 0500 I found our port jib sheet frayed thru, with just its core sheeted onto the winch. Oh boy. The NE, NNE winds were supposed to come up stronger, and having the jib sheet completely break wouldn't be a good thing. First, we furled the jib; I then took the starboard (lazy) sheet around and led it thru the turning and cheek blocks to the winch. I then found another long piece of line to attach with a carrick bend to the old jib sheet where had I cut it. It will be our lazy sheet; not an ideal solution, but it should get us to Hawaii, and we were putting together an order for new standing rigging anyway. Otherwise, the current in this patch of ocean is probably one knot against us. We're making a slow turn towards Hilo, and hoping to get thru the ITCZ sometime tonight or tomorrow, when we'll experience clear skies once again. Approximately 956 miles to go to Hilo.

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