Sept 27 - Enroute to Hawaii Day 12

1200 (2200Z) position - N12deg24min/W144deg47min
day 11 run - 123 nm
average speed - 5.1 kn
course - 300T
wind - NE 14-18; gusts to 22 knots
seas - 6'
We sailed most of the night, dodging rain squalls, and saw one ship (our first!) about 6 nm away from us. At 0515 we motored due to lack of wind, but found a good breeze about 0700, and have been flying down our rhumb line since. We have our full main and yankee jib out, and are sailing Infini like a big dinghy; with the higher gusts we fall off, or release the main sheet, or both, and adjust the boom vang in or out; thus allowing us to maintain our relative course fairly close. It's takes concentration and work! Waves are about 6' on the beam, but aren't rolling us too badly except for the occasional rogue wave that doesn't know how it should behave. The two boats ahead of us will make port at least 1-2 days in advance of us, and we plan on renting car(s) to tour the Big Island together upon our arrival. The sun is trying to poke its way out; the stars (though very briefly) were a welcome sight last night. All's well aboard.

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